About Stefan

Young and self-taught professional with over 6 years of experience in the digital industry. Determined and focused creative with experience ranging from brand development to digital design to marketing.


Stefan, 23, is a Romanian Brand Development Specialist currently based in Budapest. The 4 language speaking creative, driven by innovation, aims to take on challenges that define and leave a mark while focusing on talents and organizations that make a difference.

Then and Now

Stefan Buzas started his then hobbyist career in the early 2010s as a freelance Digital Designer. During his activity Stefan has been helping organizations and talents within various industries from across the globe. For years Stefan has been building Brand Assets, mainly Visual Resources including but not limited to Visual Brand GuidesBrand Logos and Brand Websites, for a variety of clients and projects, ranging from novice fashion designers to tech startups.

Stefan, due to his passions and experience from other activities, soon started to offer and later to focus on Brand Development related services for talents and organizations.